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During the scorching hot Texan summers, an efficient and reliable AC system is a lifeline! And, when something goes wrong, it is vital that the problem gets resolved quickly with minimal disruptions to your daily routine.

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No one is prepared for an AC breakdown, that's why we are here for you with 24/7. Our experienced Technicians are in continuing education to keep them up to speed on all the latest technology in the HVAC industry.

Get the Full Benefits of Your HAVAC System

Enhance Your Home Environment

Poor indoor air quality might lead to immediate and long-term health consequences. The EPA highlights that your property’s air cooling and conditioning system play a vital role in creating a healthy environment. Malfunctioning AC systems can increase indoor pollution, raise humidity levels, impacting your health.

Increase Energy Efficiency

Leaks, debris buildups, or clogged condensers won’t just cause your air conditioning system to malfunction – they will also decrease your home’s energy efficiency and increase your electricity bills!

Extend Your HVAC System Lifespan

An ongoing issue with your AC can reduce its lifespan, make it unsafe, and impact your investment. Proper maintenance and repairs can extend modern AC systems' lifespan up to 20 years. If you notice signs of a faulty AC system such as leaks, strange noises, frequent shutdowns, unpleasant odors, or a complete lack of function, reach out to us today.

Upgrade Your AC System

For our team of expert technicians and installers at Ahlers Heating And Air, no issue with your AC is too big or too small – and we seldom encounter issues that cannot be fixed. However, if your AC is too old, unsafe, or beyond repair, we can help you find the right model to upgrade your air conditioning system.
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Our AC Repair Services

The team of expert AC technicians at Ahlers Heating And Air work diligently to service and repair HVAC systems in North Richland Hills, Texas – as well as in the whole of Fort Worth, Dallas, and North Texas area.  

One-off, single-fee air conditioning repair services
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AC installations and refitting projects
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Our experienced technicians are committed to helping you find a solution that works for your needs. Throughout the whole process, you can be sure that our experts will treat your home as if it were their own.