Frequently Asked Questions

Most of our customers do not always know when to call a professional or when to try and diagnose something on their own. We understand the importance of saving money and that is why we have put together this frequently asked questions list to try and help you know some general troubleshooting tips. That way you can know for sure when it is time to call a professional out.

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Can you repair my AC System if it is under warranty?

Can you complete large-scale commercial installations?

Do you remove my old AC System when you install a new one?

Will you remove your shoes in my home?

Do you offer discounts for military or first responders?

What do you charge to come out and diagnose my AC System?

How do I choose the right AC Repair company?

How much does AC Repair Cost?

How often should my AC unit be serviced?

Troubleshooting Tips

My AC doesn’t seem to be working, what is wrong?

I smell mildew in my home near my AC unit, what should I do?

My thermostat won’t turn on or has stopped working.

My AC unit turns on and then quickly turns off repeatedly, or it won’t turn off, what could be wrong?

My AC unit runs longer than normal or won’t turn off?

My AC unit is tripping my breaker and losing power, how do I fix it?