Water Heater Installation

When your water heater fails, it can cause a huge disruption to your daily life. Cold showers and no warm water to wash your hands or clean dishes can quickly become a major inconvenience. Let Ahlers Heating and Air quickly install a brand-new, energy efficient water heater in your home or business.

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Whether you plan on using your heater frequently during the fall and winter months or if you run it sparingly, Ahlers can help keep those heater bills low by providing heater maintenance services. We’ll check everything from the electrical controls to the ventilation system to ensure that everything is working properly!

Main Benefits of a New Water Heater


Lower upfront cost

Water heaters are generally less expensive upfront than tankless water heaters, which can be an important factor for many homeowners.


Better performance in cold weather

In North Texas, where winter temperatures can drop below freezing, a water heater can be a suitable option because it's better equipped to handle the colder temperatures and maintain a consistent supply of hot water.


Suitable for larger households

If you have a large household or frequently use hot water for multiple tasks at the same time, a traditional water heater with a large tank can provide a more consistent supply of hot water than a tankless water heater.


Simple installation

Storage water heaters are typically easier to install than tankless water heaters, which require special considerations for gas and electric connections and venting.


Lower maintenance costs

Traditional water heaters generally require less maintenance than tankless water heaters, which can require annual maintenance to prevent mineral buildup and ensure optimal performance.
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The qualified team of plumbers at Ahlers Heating and Air have installed a large number of water heaters in a variety of spaces including residential and commercial. We can have your water heater installed and have you up and running in virtually no time.

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